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Fading of wrinkles

The wrinkle is injected with a viscous substance (collagen or Hyaluronic acid).This technique requires an allergy test some weeks prior to the injection. Treatment may be painful but can be performed under local anaesthetic. There is no need to take time off work.

The result is not permanent, as the product will disappear after 6 to 8 months.

Botulinum toxins

Treatment of wrinkles

The injection of botulinum toxins in the face muscles causes their paralyzation and so the fading of the wrinkles. The result is not permanent as the product disappears after 4 to 6 months.

Treatment is slightly painful and may be repeated 2 to 3 times per year. It does not require time off work.

Treatment for underarm hyperhidrosis

The injection interrupts the release of transpiration from the sweat glands.

The treatment consists in several subcutaneous injections in the areas of excessive transpiration.

This requires no anaesthetic and the treatment remains effective for 6 to 8 months.