To be observed

These precautions are to be observed for any surgical aesthetic interventions

The patient’s co-operation is of the most importance to ensure optimal results both during the pre-operative as during the post-operative period. Generally the following is requested :

1. No smoking eight days prior to and following the procedure.

2. If required, a blood sample must be taken, in particular to establish any coagulation problems.

3. No sun-exposure or use of sun beds after the procedure.

4. No exposure to heat-sources which may influence any post-operative swelling.

5. Avoid taking anti-coagulants and in particular aspirin or its derivatives.

6. Observe the minimal recovery period which depends on the procedure.

7. Adhere to the surgeon’s recommendations.

8. Attend the post-operative consultations even if the evolution of the procedure proves to be successful and see your specialist as soon as problems arise.