There are 3 types of abdominoplasty :
- Mini abdominoplasty
- « Classical » abdominoplasty
- Circular abdominoplasty

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The simple abdominoplasty (below the navel)

The objective of the procedure is to enhance the stomach as far as the navel.
The procedure is performed by means of incision similar to that of a caesarean section.
This procedure is mostly combined with liposuction to obtain perfect results.
This procedure is performed under local anaesthetic, peridural or general anaesthetic.

It is necessary to insert a drain which is removed on the second day after surgery.

Work incapacity lasts from 2 to 4 weeks.

The wearing of a girdle is required 24/24 during the first 4 weeks after the surgery and only during day-time during the 4 subsequent weeks.

Classical abdominoplasty (above and below the navel)

This technique allows a tummy tuck both above and below the navel.
The incision is made at the bottom of the stomach, similar to a caesarean section but slightly lower towards the hips. The navel is then repositioned in its anatomical place.

This procedure normally takes place under general anaesthetic. 2 drains are inserted which are removed 2 days later.

Work incapacity lasts from 2 to 4 weeks.

Circular abdominoplasty

This procedure is usually performed on people who have lost a considerable amount of weight through diet or a surgical procedure such as gastroplasty.

It is specially geared to correcting the excess skin these people have to contend with caused by dieting or age. The procedure allows the removal of any excess skin on the stomach, the back as well as the flanks.

This explains the spectacular results as in addition to a correction of the torso (stomach, sides and back) it also gives a lifting effect to the outer part of the thighs and buttocks which, in many cases, have also started to sag.

The scar is circular and positioned in such a way that it is unnoticeable when wearing a swimsuit.

In order to obtain the perfect result, this procedure is combined with liposuction.

The surgery takes place under general anaesthetic and requires 4 to 8 days hospitalization.

4 weeks work incapacitation.