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Armplasty is a procedure in which excess skin tissue is surgically removed.This excess skin tissue may be caused by age or weight loss.

During this procedure excess skin and subcutaneous adipose tissue is surgically removed via the underside of the arm.

In this way, the scar is located in the groove of the upper arm muscle i.e. the inner side of the arm which is not visible in most positions and movements of every day life.

This procedure can be performed under local anaesthetic combined with slight sedation.

No drains are inserted which means that the patient can return home on the day of surgery.

It is advisable not do any taxing arm exercises such as weight lifting.

The patient returns for consultation : -2 weeks after surgery to have the stitches removed. - After 6 weeks, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year to evaluate the final result.

It must be stated that the scarring at the inside of the arm may be unstable in some patients and may evolve towards hypertrophy, especially in young people. In this case, we are talking a large red scar which only evolves slowly and which requires appropriate treatment to speed up its evolution.