Breast augmentation

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Breast augmentation by means of prothesis

There are several techniques available depending on the location of the prosthesis (in front or behind the large pectoral muscle) and the place of insertion of the prosthesis (via an incision around the nipple, in the arm pit or at the bottom of the breast). This is quite a common procedure in which the prosthesis-implant is placed under the pectoral muscle.

The technique in question consists in placing an implant filled with silicone gel into the breast in a retro-pectoral position.

The scar measures 4 to 6 cm and is located laterally underneath the breast. As the scar is located within a natural skin fold it is barely visible.

The long term result is excellent as in time the prosthesis becomes no longer palpable and the texture remains very natural.

The use of textured prosthesis (with a ribbed membrane) placed behind the pectoral muscle gives excellent results.

The medical procedure can be performed in day surgery.

It takes place under general anaesthetic and takes about one hour. After the surgery a decrease in strength or mobility of the arms is common.

Work incapacity lasts for 2 weeks.

Normal daily activities, without any heavy lifting, may be resumed four weeks after surgery. Any activities requiring heavy physical input may only be undertaken from the sixth week following the surgery.

In certain cases it is possible that the wearing of a thorax support may be required in order to avoid any swelling and movement of the prosthesis.

Borstprotheses laten een normale mammografische opvolging en opsporing van borsttumoren toe. Alle prothese zijn perfect traceerbaar en uitvoerig getest op hun kwaliteit en resistentie.

Breast prostheses allow for normal mammographic follow-ups and for the detection of breast tumours.

All prostheses are perfectly traceable and have been exhaustively tested on quality and resistance.

Breast prostheses do not affect breastfeeding in any way.

Patients return for consultation : - after 2 weeks
- 6 weeks,3 months,6 months and 1 year after the surgical intervention.

If a patient does not attend a gynaecologist, a yearly follow-up to check the evolution of the prosthesis is advisable.