Ears plasty

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Protruding ears plasty

This procedure is performed to correct protruding ears and is often performed for psychological reasons.

This surgery is performed both on children from the age of 6 (age at which the ear is fully grown) and on adults. This surgery results in the correct alignment of the earlobe in relation to the skull.

The procedure takes place under local anaesthetic and the incision is made at the back of the ear (the scar is therefore invisible).

The procedure takes 45 minutes.

The hair does not have to be shaven.

For up to a week after the surgery the patient must wear a pressure bandage around the head and ears.

This procedure is generally not painful and a normal painkiller usually reduces any discomfort in the first few hours after surgery. 

At the end of the one-week period the bandage may be removed.

The patient will come for consultation :
- 1 week after the surgery to have the circular pressure bandage removed
- after 3 months to evaluate the final result

1 to 2 weeks’ work incapacitation

Strenuous physical exercise such as volleyball, basketball,.... during the first 4 weeks after surgery is not recommended.

Earlobe plasty

This procedure is used to correct earlobes torn through wearing of earrings which is not aesthetically pleasing, but also as a complementary procedure for a face lift.

The procedure is performed under local anaesthetic and takes about twenty minutes.

No bandages are applied and the stitches are removed after about 10 days. 

Earrings can be worn again three months after the procedure.

After this procedure the patient will come back for consultation :
- 10 days after the procedure to remove the stitches
- after 3 months for an evaluation of the procedure