Cervicofacial lift and forehead lift

Lifts are the first thing to come to mind when aesthetic surgery is mentioned. It rejuvenates the whole face or part of it.

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Cervicofacial lift

In this procedure an incision is made just before (facial lifting) and behind the ear into the hairline (cervico-facial lifting) so that the muscles of the face can be tightened. 

Generally, shaving of hair is not required. 

This technique permits skin correction, any excess skin is removed and the neck and face muscles are tightened. This enhances the appearance of the lower part of the face, starting from the lower eyelids. 

If neck muscles have weakened it is sometimes necessary to perform an additional procedure at the neck level. The incision is made horizontally in one of the natural skin folds so that the scar is invisible. 

This surgery is generally performed under local anaesthetic with sedation. It takes about 2h 30, no drains are inserted and hospitalization is not required. The patient can return home, wearing a support bandage, which may be removed after 48 hours. It is advisable to wear the support at regular intervals to avoid any swelling.

The hair covers the scars and are, depending on the swelling and bruising, hardly noticeable. The patient may resume her daily activities quite quickly, both on a professional and on a social level. 

The forehead lift

This procedure corrects the upper part of the face, the area above the eyes.

 The incision is made in the hair line on the forehead and is also called a bicoronal incision and runs from one ear to the other.

It can also be done via the endoscopic method.

In this method the surgeon can loosen the skin of the head allowing the fore-head wrinkles to fade.

Normally this procedure takes place under local anaesthetic, if necessary combined with some sedation, and takes about 1 hour. 

Post-operative swelling is moderate. This will only occur around the upper eyelids and will last only a few days. 

Patients notice a decrease in sensitivity of the scalp which may last for a few weeks but normal sensitivity will soon be restored.

10 to 15 days’ work incapacitation 

The patients return for consultations
-2 days after the surgery to have the bandage removed.
-2 weeks, 6 weeks, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year after the surgery.