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Gynecomastia causes enlargement of the breasts in males. This can occur on one or both sides, either or not symmetrically. It often starts during puberty and early adulthood. In this case it is caused by puberty and the enlargement often disappears naturally.

It can also affect older adults and may be caused by the use of certain medication.

An endocrinological investigation may be performed by means of a blood sample. If the result is negative surgery can be performed. 

The procedure can be performed under local anaesthetic with sedation or general anaesthetic, depending on the seriousness of the condition. 

The procedure consists of liposuction and/or the removal of tissue via an incision at the edge of the areola.

It usually takes place in day surgery. 

Work incapacity lasts for about one week but the patient is asked to avoid any lifting or heavy physical work.