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Rhinoplasty can enhance the shape of the nose.

This may be combined with a correction of the nasal wall (septoplasty) if the patient experiences breathing difficulties.

In most cases we are talking a resection of the nasal bridge in people of Indo-European origin as opposed to the raising of the nose projection in the case of e.g. people of Asian origin.

This procedure may be performed for purely aesthetic reasons but may also be performed to rectify the results of a fracture. This procedure takes place under general anaesthetic, in day surgery and takes about one hour.

The incision is made at the inside of the nose which makes the scar completely invisible.

At the end of the procedure, packing is inserted in both nostrils and a little splint is placed to reduce any post-operative oedema.

The wicks are removed after two days and the splint after one week.

Normally this procedure is painless.

Work incapacity varies from 8 to 10 days.

Procedure :

Anaesthetic : general
Duration : 1 H to 1H15
Hospitalization time : as out-patient in day surgery

Post-operative evolution :
· Moderate pain
· Any bruising is minimal but will predominantly occur under the lower eyelids
· swelling : minimal
· drains : none

Post operative consultations :
· 2nd day : removal of the packing
· 8th day : removal of splint
· 6 weeks, 3months, 6 months and 1 year after the procedure